Monday, July 11, 2005

Asking Corporate America to Sacrifice......

Sacrifice is the word they use to tell us why. Why the poor struggle, why the economy suffers through deficits, and why we continue to have less while a small percent gets more and more. It’s the corporate masters that pull the strings, like a sad marionette show our society has become. We find ourselves in a war that is just the beginning of wars to come. And who will take up these fights? Who is making the sacrifice for freedom? The answer is you and I. We are no fortunate sons; we are a corporate-political chess piece to be moved at a whim. And this is what truly bothers me about our society. We are the one’s that sacrifice so much. Whether economically, spiritually, or the actual physical beings, we lay down upon the alters of sacrifice and bleed. Call it wage slaves, call it psudo-religion, or call it a class draft, but it all means the same thing: our lives for their profit and gain. But I’m supposed to be OK with that. I’m supposed to wave my flag, slap my ribbon magnet on my 10-MPG SUV, stfu and not think. This is America they say, we were chosen by God. I find it hard to believe that a country founded/stolen by a indigenous holocaust of the Native Americans, given a strong economy by the ugliness of African-American slavery, and continues to be at perpetual corporate driven wars since the 1950’s, was and is chosen by God.

I sit here today thinking about what sacrifice corporate America could make or what our Chicken Hawk politicians could make. They could cut their bottom line profit to further the war effort or send their children into harms way. But they don’t even attempt it. Why bother right? As John Lennon said as long as they “keep us doped on religion, sex, and TV,” we won’t utter a squeak. Like some demonized swine they continue to wallow in profit and waste while professing their love and protection of OUR country.. Here is a country that has done a complete 180 on Global Warming in the last 5 years denying and attempting to discredit the science (which just may very well explain why science is under constant attack) yet relying on a foolish hope that it is science that will reverse our wrong doings. They have also invaded and destroyed 2 societies in the Arab World on the basis of 9/11 yet have refused to show us one bit on concrete proof past a PowerPoint slideshow and some pics with Photoshop a pubescent could do. All the while continuing to lie and distorts truths to its people while discrediting anything that does not fit their ideology/agenda. They aren’t worried about Rove, or the Plame Affair, or even the rising and continued violence they scripted into motion because they have control. Any media that dissents is discredited even when there is truth in the subject, while lies and throes are pounded in our heads over and over like some vile drum of misinformation.

There is terrorism in this world do not get it twisted. We the people of America aren’t evil. We the people of America did not bomb their cities or hurt their children, or force our religious doctrines upon their shores. But we also are complacent and stoic to our government’s wrongs. The government has opened a training camp in Iraq for terrorists to hone their skills against our children and fathers. The Bush Administration talks about fighting them in Iraq so as not to fight them at home, but ask London if that is true after the July 7th attacks. Ask them what they think. Then ask the families of US soldiers that died if they feel safer and secure looking at that folded flag. It is only the truth that can set us free, yet the truth has little relevance anymore.


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