Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tragedy of Exit Strategy Rhetoric

Well the 2006 elections will be here before you know it and guess what the new buzzwords seem to be? "Exit Strategy." Oh yes its the newly found psudo-balls of Democrats on the Hill are talking about things that should have been voiced literally years ago..Even my very own duly elected "Freedom Fries" himself is talking exit strategy. But lets get something quite clear and its this: Do not fool yourselves with these "fighting for freedom" diatribes..Its not just some poor planning it was the blindness of greed and position.

Lets look at the first Gulf War and ask if the United States has ever diminished our presence in Kuwait because the answer is of course NO. By my own experiences involved the conflicts of Bosnia in 1999, there is still American troops on the ground there (although with UN forces) in 2005...The United States has invested Billions of our tax dollars for oil simply put. Black Gold, Texas tea.....all that jazz…So wtf kinds of exit strategy are we really planning?

A Few Galloup polls later and politicians are crossing partisan boundaries to secure their next term…But the truth is there isn’t an exit strategy and no matter what Dick says, they aren’t in their last throes…And after smug Dick is strung throughout the corporate media with an opinion no one seems to agree with, ‘ol “Take a Baath” Rumsfeld mentions today a week after the VP’s obvious informed opinion, that the insurgency could take a number of years to be won (12 years he mentions) so again, wtf do we mean exit strategy? Look this war was based on lies, the continued (and diminishing) support of this war is a bunch of mixed messages that frankly even the freedom friers aren’t buying…So why even bother to further and perpetuate this rhetoric of reelections?

You know who needs to hear exit strategy? The damn Latino and farm boy kids that are over there risking their lives to further the lies of a man trying to build a legacy through war…Being a soldier is just a job for most these kids..Most are reenlisting in order to help make sure friends with long term enlistments aren’t hung out to dry alone fighting….The rest like myself just aren’t coming back…I served my time in the US Army and I have watched friends come and go from that desert, and the one thing is does is change you. This isn’t a video game, this isn’t some simulation at NTC that you train for, Its in your face violence and its young, poor Americans that pay this price…And to me that’s the tragedy of this exit strategy, it’s a false sense of hope for our soldiers and their families…Tell them the gd truth, tell them that we won’t leave until the oil refineries are going strong and in US control…tell them that no matter what the president thinks about every day, the truth is we will leave when corporate American says so, not one liter of oil or blood before…..


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