Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pep Rally with Same 'ol Rhetoric

Tonight President Bush had his change to help set the record straight about the war in Iraq...Tonight was a chance to come out and have a real talk with the America people...to at least bring a real statement tonight past the "on message" sound bites that are the usual speeches of Bush...Well too bad because this was just another "Invoke the 9/11 connection" and the usual rhetoric including the most idiotic statements about "fighting the terrorist there so we don't fight them here" to his supporters and not to the American people in general...Sorry George those almost-tears don't phase me...You should be on your knees begging for forgiveness to those brave men and women for so utterly changing their lives and their families’ lives forever...you can't bring them back and that’s the only way you could be forgiven...

I am simply outraged by his call to American kids to come serve because "there is no higher calling" as he so eloquently states in his speech...Don't get me wrong I agree that the military is a great thing for some people and there is honor in serving your country (although I'm not big on the idea that modern war is honorable)...But when your country is using this military for imperialistic goals and based this war on lies without strategy it incites in myself more anger towards the Bush Administration that I already currently hold….If there is no higher calling, then here, we need to sign up Jenna and Barbara, your children, to go fight this war...We also need the children and grandchildren of Dick, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the merry men to make their sacrifice on the altar of freedom...Such pitiful Chicken Hawks that run this country i swear....I'll give Kerry respect for that, John Kerry served his country when he did not have to...Some say it was a politcal manuever...So what if it was...Again he went into COMBAT where so many others of our government did not....


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