Thursday, November 04, 2004

59 Million in Fear Posted by Hello

Truly How Could 59 Million People Be so Dumb?

I cannot believe this is real...It is just not fathomable....Through all the lies, all the deaths, the trampling of our liberties, the glaring fact remains that the bastard still won....They are blaming this on Christians and for sure their grass roots of hating fags and being Pro-life (except to brown people we bomb) had a large part of this...But more than anything its a failure of the Democratic party to be clear on a vision....They should have stomped on that "Swift Boat" attack from the get-go and theres a million others things they should have done...But its easy to bitch from the sidelines isn't it? Now it is up to us in 2006 to keep a GOP controlled government from gaining more....
So here's to four more years people...guess the Soldiers' prayers continue..As the bodies keep flowing in with flags draped on them remeber, they died so Dubya could have a legacy and soccer moms could keep their Navigators...F'em all!!