Thursday, October 28, 2004


Looking past litigations ect. where as Americans will we be? No matter who wins this we will be a nation deeply divided. Behind the two candidates stand two ideologies, Faith versus Fact. Is this the next Evangelicalism? Are we to shatter the separation of church and state? Faith to me is a personal believe in something, and its something that was meant to be just that; personal. Now fact is based of concrete evidence that can be shown or proven. If I tell you I know for a fact that the sky is blue, I can take you outside and show you the sky is blue. But when I tell you I have faith that God made the sky blue, I can only show you my personal faith that God did make the sky blue. This to me what is disturbing about America's current political view of foreign policy. As I watch our president not waiver even when fact revokes his administration's reasons and I see blind faith. Government cannot be blind to what the after effects are of their decisions. And not everyone is comfortable with putting that much faith in a man who puts all of us on the line for their personal beliefs.