Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I read the news today o boy...

Wow We hit 1k in Iraq...That's one thousand people who died in the name of big business and a profit margin...Don't get me wrong I know people die everyday all around the world because of money...but still...How many senators and legislatures sent their kids to die this year? bet you could count that on one hand if you even needed to count...But I'm just not anti-Bush, I wish unspeakable things upon all their heads, but given a focus I glare at Bush and his merry men....There isn't a decent person amoung them...But if your not voting Democrat against them u are pissing away your vote or sadly actually helping the Bush regime....I have to wonder if this path we go down isn't the tip of the iceberg that will be our last journey and worse off, is it really such a bad thing?
How can we not fell like a slave...white, black, hispanic, asian, it doen't really matter anymore...There is the Lords and the serfs...we are their serfs..We don't work the land anymore, we consume their bullshit they tell us to consume..we fight their wars and we cower upon their wraith....


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