Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Big Brother is Watching

We were a country founded on the decentralization of power, to live in a system of check and balances. State and local governments were what many considered to be the ultimate authorities since this was a sort of direct representation. But today we live in a centralized government that withholds funds to keep states in check and the “balance” of power strongly held within the federal government. Think about the staggering power of the Supreme Court. They dictate law with almost complete autonomy. Look at the 2000 election; popular vote did not win an election. The masses had spoken but the bureaucracy and the Supreme Court made the final decision. Acts such as the Patriot Act have worked hard to keep the ultimate decisions and power in a centralized portion of the government. Secret wire tapings, invasions of privacy, all have a not so humble ring of George Orwell’s “1984”. We should be dumping Grande Lattés in the streets as we speak... Yes Big Brother is watching, and he wants you to eat fast food and shop at Old Navy. This was not what America was founded upon. Our religion is no longer a worship of God but a worship of money and position. You already know how much money you have, care to guess what position the government has us all in? GOP is Guns Oil Power.....


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