Thursday, July 14, 2005

An Army of (No) One - by Nick Turse - thx

The following is a repost from the unyielding Gnn.TV and was reposted originally by Ryz..I was going to use info off this post from Nick Turse to throw my own experienc in getting recruited into the military in 1997, but after reading it I realized that the article by itself was enough...Who knows if anyone ever reads what I post here but it if nothing else its a testament to our struggle for progress and understanding to our societies' "class-draft" for the military...And recruiters are honestly a breed of scum that fit well into the ideology of this govt...They basically screw over other Americans by offering them Double-speak contracts that may look straight forward but are far from it....Anyway read up...

By Nick Turse
Republished from / Common Dreams
An Inside Look at the Military's Internet Recruiting War

It’s been a tough year for the U.S. military. But you wouldn’t know it from the Internet, now increasingly packed with slick, non-military looking websites of every sort that are lying in wait for curious teens (or their exasperated parents) who might be surfing by. On the ground, the military may be bogged down in a seemingly interminable mission that was supposedly “accomplished” back on May 1, 2003, but on the Web it’s still a be-all-that-you-can-be world of advanced career choices, peaceful pursuits, and risk-free excitement.

While there has been a wave of news reports recently on the Pentagon’s problems putting together an all-volunteer military, or even a functioning officer corps, from an increasingly reluctant public, military officials are ahead of the media in one regard. They know where the future troops they need are. Hint: They’re not reading newspapers or watching the nightly prime-time news, but they are surfing the web, looking for entertainment, information, fun, and perhaps even a future.

In addition to raising the maximum enlistment age, no longer dismissing new recruits out of hand for “drug abuse, alcohol, poor fitness and pregnancy,” allowing those with criminal records in, and employing such measures as hefty $20,000 sign-up bonuses (with talk of proposed future bonuses of up to $40,000, along with $50,000 worth of “mortgage assistance”) to coerce the cash-strapped to enlist in the all-volunteer military, one of the military’s favorite methods of bolstering the rolls is targeting the young – specifically teens – to fill the ranks.

What the military truly values is green teens. Not surprisingly, the Pentagon pays companies like Teenage Research Unlimited, which claims it offers its “clients virtually unlimited methods for researching teens,” to get inside kids’ heads. It was also recently revealed that the Department of Defense (DoD), with the aid of a private marketing firm, BeNow, has created a database of twelve million youngsters, some only 16 years of age, as part of a program to identify potential recruits. Armed with “names, birth dates, addresses, Social Security numbers, individuals’ e-mail addresses, ethnicity, telephone numbers, students’ grade-point averages, field of academic study and other data,” the Pentagon now has far better ways and means of accurately targeting teens.

Military Culture JAMRS

BeNow and TRU, however, are just two of a number of private contractors working through JAMRS – the Pentagon’s “program for joint marketing communications and market research and studies” – to fill the ranks of our increasingly-less-eager-to-volunteer military. JAMRS claims that it’s only developing “public programs [to] help broaden people’s understanding of Military Service as a career option.” However, it also hires firms to engage in all sorts of not-for-public-consumption studies that are meant to “help bolster the effectiveness of all the Services’ recruiting and retention efforts.” Put another way, behind the scenes the military is in a frantic search for weak points in the public’s growing resistance to joining the armed services. Some of this is impossible to learn about because access to the studies via the JAMRS web portal is restricted. Should you visit and inquire about examining their research, you are told in no uncertain terms that “access is currently limited to certain types of users” – none of which are you.

What we do know, however, is that JAMRS is currently focusing on the following “areas of interest” in an attempt to bolster the all-volunteer military:

  • Hispanic Barriers to Enlistment: a project to “identify the factors contributing to under-representation of Hispanic youth among military accessions” and “inform future strategies for increasing Hispanic representation among the branches of the Military.”
  • College Drop Outs/Stop Outs Study: a project “aimed to gain a better understanding of what drives college students to… ‘drop out’ and determine how the Services can capitalize on this group of individuals (ages 18-24).”
  • Mothers’ Attitude Study: “This study gauges the target audience’s (270 mothers of 10th- and 11th-grade youth) attitudes toward the Military and enlistment.”

Read the rest of this article here

Monday, July 11, 2005

Asking Corporate America to Sacrifice......

Sacrifice is the word they use to tell us why. Why the poor struggle, why the economy suffers through deficits, and why we continue to have less while a small percent gets more and more. It’s the corporate masters that pull the strings, like a sad marionette show our society has become. We find ourselves in a war that is just the beginning of wars to come. And who will take up these fights? Who is making the sacrifice for freedom? The answer is you and I. We are no fortunate sons; we are a corporate-political chess piece to be moved at a whim. And this is what truly bothers me about our society. We are the one’s that sacrifice so much. Whether economically, spiritually, or the actual physical beings, we lay down upon the alters of sacrifice and bleed. Call it wage slaves, call it psudo-religion, or call it a class draft, but it all means the same thing: our lives for their profit and gain. But I’m supposed to be OK with that. I’m supposed to wave my flag, slap my ribbon magnet on my 10-MPG SUV, stfu and not think. This is America they say, we were chosen by God. I find it hard to believe that a country founded/stolen by a indigenous holocaust of the Native Americans, given a strong economy by the ugliness of African-American slavery, and continues to be at perpetual corporate driven wars since the 1950’s, was and is chosen by God.

I sit here today thinking about what sacrifice corporate America could make or what our Chicken Hawk politicians could make. They could cut their bottom line profit to further the war effort or send their children into harms way. But they don’t even attempt it. Why bother right? As John Lennon said as long as they “keep us doped on religion, sex, and TV,” we won’t utter a squeak. Like some demonized swine they continue to wallow in profit and waste while professing their love and protection of OUR country.. Here is a country that has done a complete 180 on Global Warming in the last 5 years denying and attempting to discredit the science (which just may very well explain why science is under constant attack) yet relying on a foolish hope that it is science that will reverse our wrong doings. They have also invaded and destroyed 2 societies in the Arab World on the basis of 9/11 yet have refused to show us one bit on concrete proof past a PowerPoint slideshow and some pics with Photoshop a pubescent could do. All the while continuing to lie and distorts truths to its people while discrediting anything that does not fit their ideology/agenda. They aren’t worried about Rove, or the Plame Affair, or even the rising and continued violence they scripted into motion because they have control. Any media that dissents is discredited even when there is truth in the subject, while lies and throes are pounded in our heads over and over like some vile drum of misinformation.

There is terrorism in this world do not get it twisted. We the people of America aren’t evil. We the people of America did not bomb their cities or hurt their children, or force our religious doctrines upon their shores. But we also are complacent and stoic to our government’s wrongs. The government has opened a training camp in Iraq for terrorists to hone their skills against our children and fathers. The Bush Administration talks about fighting them in Iraq so as not to fight them at home, but ask London if that is true after the July 7th attacks. Ask them what they think. Then ask the families of US soldiers that died if they feel safer and secure looking at that folded flag. It is only the truth that can set us free, yet the truth has little relevance anymore.

The Database

Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook says '"Al Qaeda" was the name of a U.S. intelligence database”… in others words the database, "was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians." Bin Laden’s Maktab al Khidimat (MAK) recruiting organization, which had its headquarters at the Bait al Ansar guesthouse in Peshawar, Pakistan and maintained offices in Detroit and Brooklyn in the 1980s, maintained the database..................

No shit eh? At this point I wouldn’t doubt it…this corporate war could be little more than a corporate lie…..a nice little write-off of our corporate masters to further their own ambitions.

Monday, July 04, 2005

A Day to Celebrate but...

A day to celebrate but more so to contemplate...I feel for the soldiers today, I feel for their families that wave those flags in their names...It's a hope that this is all for something real to these people...No one else understands what soldiers and their families have to go through...Imagine watching the lies slowly unravel before your eyes..These families sent their children into harms way because they thought it was for a good reason...But more and more we see the corporate agenda coming to light...To the military families I'm sorry...My heart goes to you tonight...And my thoughts are also with the Iraqi people that suffer under occupation...

So today, on this day of celebration of freedom, I think i'll just rethink what is it really all for..... Why did they knock down those towers?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pep Rally with Same 'ol Rhetoric

Tonight President Bush had his change to help set the record straight about the war in Iraq...Tonight was a chance to come out and have a real talk with the America at least bring a real statement tonight past the "on message" sound bites that are the usual speeches of Bush...Well too bad because this was just another "Invoke the 9/11 connection" and the usual rhetoric including the most idiotic statements about "fighting the terrorist there so we don't fight them here" to his supporters and not to the American people in general...Sorry George those almost-tears don't phase me...You should be on your knees begging for forgiveness to those brave men and women for so utterly changing their lives and their families’ lives can't bring them back and that’s the only way you could be forgiven...

I am simply outraged by his call to American kids to come serve because "there is no higher calling" as he so eloquently states in his speech...Don't get me wrong I agree that the military is a great thing for some people and there is honor in serving your country (although I'm not big on the idea that modern war is honorable)...But when your country is using this military for imperialistic goals and based this war on lies without strategy it incites in myself more anger towards the Bush Administration that I already currently hold….If there is no higher calling, then here, we need to sign up Jenna and Barbara, your children, to go fight this war...We also need the children and grandchildren of Dick, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the merry men to make their sacrifice on the altar of freedom...Such pitiful Chicken Hawks that run this country i swear....I'll give Kerry respect for that, John Kerry served his country when he did not have to...Some say it was a politcal manuever...So what if it was...Again he went into COMBAT where so many others of our government did not....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tragedy of Exit Strategy Rhetoric

Well the 2006 elections will be here before you know it and guess what the new buzzwords seem to be? "Exit Strategy." Oh yes its the newly found psudo-balls of Democrats on the Hill are talking about things that should have been voiced literally years ago..Even my very own duly elected "Freedom Fries" himself is talking exit strategy. But lets get something quite clear and its this: Do not fool yourselves with these "fighting for freedom" diatribes..Its not just some poor planning it was the blindness of greed and position.

Lets look at the first Gulf War and ask if the United States has ever diminished our presence in Kuwait because the answer is of course NO. By my own experiences involved the conflicts of Bosnia in 1999, there is still American troops on the ground there (although with UN forces) in 2005...The United States has invested Billions of our tax dollars for oil simply put. Black Gold, Texas tea.....all that jazz…So wtf kinds of exit strategy are we really planning?

A Few Galloup polls later and politicians are crossing partisan boundaries to secure their next term…But the truth is there isn’t an exit strategy and no matter what Dick says, they aren’t in their last throes…And after smug Dick is strung throughout the corporate media with an opinion no one seems to agree with, ‘ol “Take a Baath” Rumsfeld mentions today a week after the VP’s obvious informed opinion, that the insurgency could take a number of years to be won (12 years he mentions) so again, wtf do we mean exit strategy? Look this war was based on lies, the continued (and diminishing) support of this war is a bunch of mixed messages that frankly even the freedom friers aren’t buying…So why even bother to further and perpetuate this rhetoric of reelections?

You know who needs to hear exit strategy? The damn Latino and farm boy kids that are over there risking their lives to further the lies of a man trying to build a legacy through war…Being a soldier is just a job for most these kids..Most are reenlisting in order to help make sure friends with long term enlistments aren’t hung out to dry alone fighting….The rest like myself just aren’t coming back…I served my time in the US Army and I have watched friends come and go from that desert, and the one thing is does is change you. This isn’t a video game, this isn’t some simulation at NTC that you train for, Its in your face violence and its young, poor Americans that pay this price…And to me that’s the tragedy of this exit strategy, it’s a false sense of hope for our soldiers and their families…Tell them the gd truth, tell them that we won’t leave until the oil refineries are going strong and in US control…tell them that no matter what the president thinks about every day, the truth is we will leave when corporate American says so, not one liter of oil or blood before…..

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Looking For Biased with Biased.....

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has named former Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs and former co-chair of the Republican National Committee Patricia S. Harrison as its new president and CEO...Now this is just a nice additive for Tomilson and his crusade to "righten up" PBS and NPR...I mean I hear allot of this rhetoric of not playing partisan politics with one of the most unbiased public outlets left to people without Internet access...but the facts do not lie...Here we have : Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, the Republican chairman of the CPB, who hired Mr. Fred Mann in the sum of $14k of American tax dollars to monitor bias on PBS' NOW with Bill Moyers. The labels used by Mr. Mann were verbiages such as "anti-Bush" and "anti-Delay"...Sounds a little partisan to me. Well it gets is now coming to light that Mr. Fred Mann not only made these biased labels but also misrepresented these #'s by for example labeling Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel as "liberal" when he is in fact a self declared conservative. And just in case it couldn't get anymore obvious, Mr. Fred Mann worked 20 years for a journalism center founded by and for the American Conservative Union....

bleh we all aren't dumb, the days of sleight-of-hand 9/11 are gone...John Q. Public isn't so blind to the radicalism of the neocons

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Chris Rock, George W, and why Matt Drudge is a Racist (but u knew that)

So there it was Oscars and a black man to make them sweat over a George W Bush joke. As jokes go you could feel the tension in the air when Rock mentions, "Now just imagine you worked at the Gap, You're $70 trillion behind on your register," He then goes on to mention, " and then you start a war with Banana Republic, 'cause you say they got toxic tank tops over there. You have the war, people are dying - a thousand GAP employees are dead. That's right - bleeding all over the khakis You finally take over Banana Republic and you find out they never made tank tops in the first place." ...But truths are sometimes uncomfortable especially being satirical...

I myself am usually a person that just checked a newspaper (or now a website) to find out the winners, but thanks to the racist tendencies of Matt Drudge I was tuned in to watch the brilliant Chris Rock or as some have grown to call it the "grudge of Drudge" against Chris Rock...Now for the last two weeks the has been on a crusade to get Chris Rock kicked from the Oscars for the following quote in Entertainment Weekly: "What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? Show me one!" In one of his "super secret" sources inside the Oscars that were "horrified" by Rocks satirical comments Drudge did anything he could to draw conservative attention to Rock and the Oscars although Drudge's claims were quickly refuted...Then in other links within his site Matt Drudge makes one of his little "self-written" links quoting Rock's HBO special "Never Scared" out of context about abortion clinics......

So the question that really remains is "WHY IS MATT DRUDGE SUCH A RACIST?" Perhaps it is because Chris Rock is taken much more serious than a Washington right-wing yes-man, kiss-ass that has dropped one decent story in his life about a blowjob...How's that for integrity....Or maybe his parents just raised him to dislike black people...So here's one to Matt Drudge on Oscar night, who is sitting at home tonight watching the Oscars on TV while the black man he so envies hosts it.